Market research & </br>Development consultation
BDSPlus – an in-depth data platform and a professional Research Team, giving customers prompt, up to date market information and the most accurate product reviews.

Market research &
Development consultation

Using in-depth data alongside the experience of having co-operated with leading real estate project developers in Vietnam, BDSPlus researches and analyzes the strengths of each investor, the feasibility of each project, from which BDSPlus offers recommendations and suggestions with regard to the business marketing strategies for the project.

All BDSPlus’ proprietary information has been an important data platform for RealPlus in tandem with its consultants to provide accurate project information and offering helpful investment insights and suggestions to our customers. This provides customers with the benefit of obtaining a comprehensive overview of the products prior to making an investment decision.

Marketing & Communication
Understanding the value and importance of Marketing & Communication, RealPlus established Trauvan Company

Marketing & Communication

Trauvan Co. aims to build an overall branding communication strategy for real estate projects, which will combine the traditional and modern communication channels to save time and reduce budget spent to reach potential customers in the most effective way.

Based on the research of BDSPlus, Trauvan Co. has strived to develop and promote its core values through the most up-to-date communication channels. This helps promote the project development as well as providing advice to facilitate the project in reaching the market swiftly and effectively.

Real estate distribution
With a strong network of experienced staff, agents and collaborators, RealPlus manages, distributes and rents out mid to high end ventures of domestic and foreign investors, including apartments, townhouses, villas, resorts, etc.

Real estate distribution

Together with BDSPlus and Trauvan, RealPlus has dominated the strategic partners with the most appropriate, effective and precise real estate distribution strategy, while providing customers with the most accurate information pertaining to the project to assist them in making informed investment decisions.

Our quality products, diversified services, professional, experienced and enthusiastic team have brought us success in the Vietnamese market. RealPlus continues to be a strong and reliable partner to its investors (in particular foreign investors), associates and customers.

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